“Before I started coaching with SOS I felt overwhelmed about what I had to achieve and I didn’t know how to start. They gave me a comprehensive report that highlighted what I needed to focus on in simple achievable steps to achieve my business goals. They even sat down helped me map out the most important aspects. Since then I have inspired my team and am able to spend less time in the clinic trying to do everything and have set systems to get the best out of my time. I now feel excited about the possibilities for my business.”

Deborah John, Energie Natural Health, Patterson Lakes

“Due to a number of challenges in my private life during the previous five years I had arrived at a point in my practice where I could no longer pay my bills nor pay myself wages. I was at a crossroad, having to decide whether to throw in the towel and close down or try to resurrect my business. If I chose the latter I knew that I needed help as it was blatantly obvious that I couldn’t achieve this on my own. I simply didn’t know if it even could be done!

After speaking to the SOS mentors about my dilemma they agreed to meet me at my home clinic to just see if there was something they could offer. They promised to be honest and upfront. I suppose they saw the flame still burning inside of my naturopathic heart during this visit and felt that together we could have a go at turning this business around.

I started working with SOS, implementing their recommendations and systems in August 2014 and have just concluded 2 months mentoring. Last month, during September, I have taken in almost four times as much as in the previous July. I have also started paying myself wages again.”

Brigitte Bennett, Naturopath, Ringwood North

“Before we began with SOS we were floundering. Immediately when I met them, I knew that they could help my business. I had no idea though it would have been this amazing and the proof is in our growth. The business is now growing at a rapid rate of knots. We have grown from 2 to 14 staff in 8 months, so we are obviously doing something right!”

Karren Bull, CEO

“We didn’t have the money to pay for an undelivered promise. Truth be told, we didn’t have the money to pay for mentoring at all, ironically, this became one of the biggest arguments for the mentor. We’d been running a business with a turnover of $500,000.00 pa for three years and we had no money and we were exhausted. We knew that if we continued on this path we would be broke and broken.

SOS have helped us to transform our business and our lives. I can honestly say that if we didn’t have their help us move forward we would have in hindsight closed up our business within the month.  I now know that the skills and knowledge they are imparting to us will carry us for our whole lives and that owning a business has never been easier or more exciting.”

Natasha Hibberd, Family Business