Move from:

Burning Out
Giving Too Much
Having to do everything
I can’t keep up!




We know – not believe – that it is entirely possible to create a service that delivers the absolute best in healthcare to clients, while providing the owners with a healthy profit and plenty of time away from their business.

We founded SoS to put a framework around what we were already doing and wanted to do more of – helping other clinic owners and practitioners find success in their businesses.

We believe that as mentors we can give you an easier and faster route to your end point, because we have been through the journey before ourselves.

We believe that the future of our industry must consist of research and results based treatments, collaborative care with the medical sector, and successful clinics that provide both long-term care to clients and a home for passionate practitioners.

We believe that a practitioner can only help other people when they are secure and valued themselves.

We believe that it is the responsibility of every natural health practitioner to engage in speaking at conferences, publishing articles and contributing to research – to promote the credibility of our industry and the absolute necessity of a collaborative healthcare model.

SoS facilitates likeminded professionals in working synergistically to make this future a reality.

Keonie Moore
Katherine Grace