ReMed-Oct-2014-87Keonie Moore is the pioneering founder and team leader at ReMed, where she offers clients a natural approach to medicine.

Keonie was introduced to the world of natural medicine through her experience as a mother of four children. The arrival of her second child brought quite a bit of stress as her son was recurrently unwell with infections and was hospitalised at three weeks of age. After trying several conventional approaches with no avail, she sought out a natural approach to medicine and experienced outstanding results. Her son is now a very healthy seventeen-year-old boy.

After completing a Bachelor in Naturopathy at Southern Cross University, Keonie graduated with the award of ‘Most Outstanding in Clinical Practice’ and ‘The Brauer Award’ for excellence in homeopathy.

Keonie operated her own successful private practice for three years, prior to launching her ReMed clinic. As a practitioner she has a reputation for achieving measurable results and is booked out up to eight weeks in advance. The launch of ReMed was a dream realised for Keonie – an integrated natural health centre that lifts the standards of natural medicine in Australia.

In 2013, she was invited to present at the Integrative Medicine and Research Group at Alfred Hospital and has been published in the international peer-reviewed journal, Advances in Integrative Medicine.

Most recently, Keonie was engaged as the keynote speaker at the 2nd International Conference in Endocrinology, held in Chicago USA. She was the only speaker without a PhD or qualification in conventional medicine. She spoke alongside delegates from the British Medical Journal and Mayo Clinic and was warmly received.

Keonie is passionate about increasing the recognition of natural medicine and believes the key to achieving this is through a solid business model that allows professional and skilled practitioners to flourish.

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