Many clients don’t need or want regular mentoring after a clinic or practice health check – they are happy with a list of straight forward strategies that once completed will give them the biggest change for the least effort.

However, human nature being what it is, the business, life and just ‘stuff’ often gets in the way of these strategic tasks – which inherently have no time urgency other than the difference they will make.

Our momentum program is an affordable way for business owners without a support network to access:

  1. motivation to keep going
  2. accountability to make sure you progress
  3. learning from what other peers are doing
  4. regular inspiration from business greats
  5. a chance to celebrate the rewards when a goal is achieved (who else can business owners brag to about making more money?)

Investment is kept minimal at $120+gst pm and can be accessed by invitation only, after completing a practice or clinic health check or after ongoing mentoring is no longer needed.

It includes a KPIs report to complete and send in monthly, monthly peer group meeting with the SOS founders, regular email updates of ideas and learnings and a world-renowned business book to read and discuss every 2-3 months.

Working with the right people is essential for a successful mentoring relationship.  Please contact us to discuss whether this program is the right fit for you.