SOS was founded through a call for help from practitioners and clinic owners. Those in a profession based around care can often forget to care for themselves, putting clients and staff ahead of their own needs. They can even take home an income that is below the award wage.

The most talented and successful practitioners can find themselves working too many hours for too little pay, supporting thankless contractors, facing endless bills and doing it all completely alone. Like so many others, this was Keonie Moore’s experience prior to building her clinic into what it is today.

The culture of a natural medicine or allied health practice is painted dimly – you will never make money out of it, and if you do earn an income you will need to see so many clients that you will burn out.

Your business does not need to fall into this trap though. SOS is for health-based business owners who want to break out of the self-limiting culture and create a healthy and rewarding business model. Keonie Moore made a positive change in her own business, and she can help you do the same with your own.

Due to a number of challenges in my private life during the previous five years I had arrived at a point in my practice where I could no longer pay my bills nor pay myself wages. I was at a crossroad, having to decide whether to throw in the towel and close down or try to resurrect my business. If I chose the latter I knew that I needed help as it was blatantly obvious that I couldn’t achieve this on my own. I simply didn’t know if it even could be done! Read more

If you are a clinic owner or practitioner suffering from burnout, hopelessness or lowered expectations, we can help.