syn•er•gy (noun)
Definition: ability of a whole to be greater than the sum of its parts in accomplishing a cohesive goal
Origin: Greek synergia = work together; Latin succedere = to go under, go up, come close

Synergy of Success (SOS) specialises in supporting natural medicine and allied health practitioners who have already built a successful private practice or clinic and are ready to take their business to the next level.

Managing and growing your business requires a different skillset to being a great practitioner. SOS founder, Keonie Moore, was a successful private practitioner and expanded into her own clinic after three years. Eighteen months later she was exhausted, frustrated and left in tears; however with the support of her business coach Katherine Grace, she managed to revolutionise her practice.

She now has 13 practitioners in her clinic and has tripled her income. She has taken a step back from appointments with clients, and is focused on managing her practise, working with her team, and exploring new business opportunities.

As the success of her business grew, Keonie was approached by other clinic owners and practitioners asking for business advice, and she realised that she had a world of knowledge and experience to share. Keonie made a commitment to assisting others to thrive, not survive, in the business of making people healthy.

“Before I started coaching with SOS I felt overwhelmed about what I had to achieve and I didn’t know how to start. Since then I have inspired my team and am able to spend less time in the clinic trying to do everything. I now feel excited about the possibilities for my business.” Read more

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